Things that make guys and the occasional chick do whatever the bearer of them wishes. They can bring great power and pleasure to whoever owns them, depending on how good they look.
Boobs, Hooters, Honkers, Magumbos, Mounds, Melons, Breasts, Funbags, Tits, Waterbags, Happy sacs, sweater cows, rack, chest.
"That chick has a nice rack"
"From the look of your sweater cows your doing fine"
"I didnt realize this was a party til I saw your funbags"
" Hooters a restaurant based on Hooters"
by enigma pie September 09, 2005
Acronym. "Borked out of box." Refers to an item or product, most usually something technological (e.g., flash drive, hard drive, etc.) that is broken/non-functional from the moment you open the box. Ergo, it is borked out of box.
"The goddamn thing is BOOB!"
"Uh, what?"
"It's a flash drive, man."
"No, dude--borked out of box! Shit's broken!"
"Ohhh okay."
by Kiwi 2.0 January 07, 2008
1.) A stupid or foolish person. Short for booby.
2.) A woman's breast.
1.) John is a booby cause he tried to order 50 pizza's to his ex-girlfriend's house and he got caught.
2.) Woman have two boobs.
by Wishbone June 12, 2005
you got em
you got boobs kid
by mattsavageleblanc October 28, 2014
Boobs, Noun. - Mountains of Happiness
Her mountains of happiness (boobs) make my pee pee tingle
by the sexual harassment panda March 19, 2012
A milk producing gland that may stay small or get large. Basically, a fatty gland that's pale because it's always under a bathing suit that has an areola and a nipple on it. Males have pecs, but only fat males can have moobs, or man boobs. Boobs may sag like many Africans' boobs. They can also be lifted upright, etc.

*Big boobs are better to look at, but small boobs are better to feel.
*I am sorry but fat boobs don't count.

*If you are female and lack boobs, it's okay if you have a nice butt.
"Woah, you don't have boobs anymore, you have utters!"

"If only we could all go naked and then the color of our boobs would match the rest of our body!"
by Mental Muscle January 04, 2012
A playful name
by kkmarcelsucks November 15, 2011
Something made for men to think about and squeeze for hours and maybe suck on;Gods greatest creation
Boy: I totally stuck my face on the girls boobs
by NobodyAlive April 23, 2015

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