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A ratio used in project evaluation in relationship investment management.

A prudent relationship investor in times of financial and emotional turmoil would seek the best relationship investment options to which he would invest his liquid assets. The criteria used in evaluations of said investment options are, but not limited to, the level of visible beauty, intelligence and ability to hold a conversation and body charactersitcs what for purposes of quick evaluation can be summed up in the form of 'boobs to ass cover ratio'.

Having said that, the 'boobs to ass cover ratio', or BTACR, is the relationship between the circumference of the said boobs over the circumference of the ass of the said investment option. The rule of thumb is, if BTACR<1, reject the option, and if BTACR>1, proceed.

The existence of this ratio is justified by the abundance of relationship options that entice investors with cleavage, displaying the acceptable boob circumference to mislead the investor, whereas the ass circumference is or may be much larger, and thus constituting a bad relationship investment option, dubiously named 'fat bird'. The options that satisfy the BTACR requirement are usually referred to as “large cup stocks”.

This information has been placed here for information purposes only and the authors accept no responsibility for decisions made based on the entry provided.
Bro #1: Oi Steve, have you seen the knockers on that girl right there?
Bro #2: Yeah, but the BTACR on that is lower than 1, you know I can't hit that enormous ass.
Bro #1: True dat

Guy at party #1: Have you seen the boobs to ass cover ratio on that bitch right there?
Guy at party #2: Well that ho is huge, you have to stop blindly judging bitches by ratios, I know you did finance in Pasadena Community College.
by InvestmentBankRejects May 29, 2010
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