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ebonic for an unplanned pregnancy.
Homboy: "that's my kid, my little boobop."
Shawtty:"I don't need no boobops soon. You feel me?"

Shawtty: "Where my boobop check?"
Homboy: "That ain't my boobop bitch."
Shawtty: "I'm callin Maury."
by oj smokes crack July 03, 2008
To knock someone out.Or to kick someone's ass without being hit once.
Holy shit man! ThatArmo got boo boped.
by Afro-Mayne February 22, 2006
A person of interest before being in a serious relationship; such as a girlfriend or boyfriend before the relationship turns very serious.
Since Jason and Flora are just boo boping for now, I still have a chance with him.
by Magdizzle December 06, 2010
The art of oral sex
Dayummmm! Alicia sure boo bopped tyler for that louis Vuitton purse
by The holiest one December 26, 2012

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