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A person that meets another male friend after some time to find out that he has recently grown man boobs due to fat obviously.
Person 1:dude u ve grown boobilicious since the last time we met

Person : Yea bro all those fries and cheesesticks and no freinds can do that to u

Person 1: fatfuck
by jashinsensei October 18, 2009
having delicious looking boobs
that is one boobilicious babe with those big bouncy tits, mmm
by bong September 20, 2007
A woman with very awesome boobs. Most likely big and not saggy.
Guy 1: Do you think Chantel is hot?
Guy 2: Yeah man she's boobilicious!!
Guy 1: Fuck yeah man!
by itzadolfin!! May 11, 2011
A man who has very nice boobies.
Man, Igor B. is boobilicious!
by Alen A. June 15, 2004