best on your friend you can look and not touch and wish yours were her size but be glad they are not at the same time. i need a boob job.....
looking at your friend show them off and get all the guys, but then not having to pay lots of money on expensive bras
by Divaness November 30, 2003
boobies are yummy :) :) :) :)
can I lick your boobies, becuzse they are yummy.
by madmax April 16, 2004
A variety of bees (Apis mellifera) that produce milk.
One has to approach very cautiously when attempting to extract milk from unfamiliar boobies.
by Ian December 07, 2004
Things you stare at on a girl.
1) Boobies!

2) Bob? Bob. BOB. BOB! Slap! (boobies)
by Fredddd January 23, 2008
The GOOD stuff, yeah!
it's to DAMN good to explain!
by anonymous July 09, 2003
Beside's the obvious ; it is a restaurant in Boise, Idaho that serves a Single BOOBIE; a Double BOOBIE and a Triple BOOBIE Burger... as well as the famous Healthy BOOBIE sandwich made of chicken
by Mr. BOOBIES September 24, 2009
(1) Breasts that are more on the smaller side. Often reffured to as being small, perky, round, and cute.
Guy1: "Hey look at that chick in the teeny bikini over there!"

Guy2: "Oh Yeah! She has some nice boobies!"

by KH-BB July 11, 2010

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