1.some ugly birds
2.a wonderful invention, best thing since the penis and the vagina.
3...are fun to play with while...
a.screwing your or someone elses girlfriend
c.you have nothing better to do then play with your or someone elses boobies.
d.you have something better to do, you'd just rather play with your or someone elses boobies
"and we saw som of the most amazing boobies...ever..."-Thomas Delonge
by x-blink-a-holic-x February 24, 2005
balls that men bounce, and play handball with.
those boobies make life a whole lot better
by JOKa July 31, 2003
things taht make men horny...
dem tittes is whack sista
by unclosed April 10, 2004
Another word for boobs of breasts of a woman
Man that girl got big boobys
WOW!! shawty got some nice boobys
by Croque July 08, 2009
they make awesome juice for the young nd give the older something to touch when their bored. other names weather balloons, fun bags, mosquito bites floppie jallopies,
ballsac boobies are good
by rusty schmidt August 18, 2010
also known as the mammary glandor breasts or tits or droopy swingers
Look at those big old boobies!!
by Eddmyster September 18, 2008
slang term for women's boobies.
"Them are some nice boobies!"
by IdoNOThaveBOOBIES July 28, 2009
round succulant patches of skin usually found on the female body, dotted with red lumps called the nipples.
"while over my friends house i walked in on his mom and saw her boobies!!"
by steve jangles February 22, 2009
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