1.some ugly birds
2.a wonderful invention, best thing since the penis and the vagina.
3...are fun to play with while...
a.screwing your or someone elses girlfriend
c.you have nothing better to do then play with your or someone elses boobies.
d.you have something better to do, you'd just rather play with your or someone elses boobies
"and we saw som of the most amazing boobies...ever..."-Thomas Delonge
by x-blink-a-holic-x February 24, 2005
Slang term for breast.
Jon: What does booby mean?
Micah: Hard to say. Lets look on urbandictionary.com . . . here it is. Booby is a "slang term for breast," as defined by Jesse "If not rocking at least rolling"
snuggly nuzzle nuzzles
Spread boobs.
Insert face.
Rub vigorously.
by mi amor March 09, 2003
piont of attention to man and lesbian eyes
Can I touch your boobies?
by ihateyou August 31, 2003
a woman's breasts
Nice boobies!
by C. Seggelin November 07, 2003
The 1 common interest of every man.
Look! Boobies!
by Hawkman92 May 17, 2009
Two bouncy and desirable podules attached to a female's chest area. Big daark nipples which stick out make them even better. Just lick the nipple area and then squeeze with both hands and bounce up and down and you're sure to get a boner.
Big Betty's boobies fell out of her swimming costume whilst playing football.
by bob September 21, 2003
womans jubbilies
my i'd like to suck thoses boobie/ that booby
by chipmunk April 11, 2003

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