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When a girl shoves her boobs in your face and yells you just got Boobied
I was nicking this girl and she shoved her boobs in my face. She yelled "YOU JUST GOT BOOBIED"
by Mark Rivone September 06, 2009
when its all gone a bit wrong.
i chased after a wirlwind in town. but then i boobied its flow. and then it stops wirling. boobied.

i got off with two people in one day and now they both hate me. BOOBIED.

we blew up all of cravens jonnies and i think he needed them. now he is boobied.
by matthew craven January 11, 2009
v: chest-bumping a girl.
I totally just boobied that chick over there.
by mikenoike December 14, 2010