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The fat between your arms and your boobs.
this dress makes my boobis' look huge!
that girl was so fat her boobis' made it look like she has 4 boobs
by Smelly Nelly April 02, 2008
21 5
Nickname for boyfriend or special person in your life.
Hey boobi what you doing today?
by Lena02 December 07, 2008
32 9
in reference to multiple sets of boobs. the plural form of "boobies"
I had a few of my closest friends over and my brother was stunned by all the lovly boobi in the room.
by boobi twins January 14, 2010
4 5
The plural of Boob.
That bird has a nice set of Boobi
by Mustoe November 12, 2003
23 24
The Journeyman on a journey who drinks and smashes because he loves he is a nerd of darkness
that guy is not only weird, he is boobis
by Irving smallfield March 17, 2005
12 14