the small boob creases of fat you get betweenyour boobs and your shoulders
Boobette are unavoidable no matter how skinny you are
#fat #boob #boobette #meghan #anyssa #lol #breast
by Ivaaa July 25, 2010
Top Definition
a word which describes a boob/breast of small size.
show us yer boobs!
well actually, i have boobettes.
#boobs #tits #breasts #jugs #boobettes
by youhavepooinyourmouth September 22, 2007
Small boobs and or boobs
Rubbin' up on her b-sized boobettes
by Dork457 September 29, 2004
Boobs of girls from age 10 and under
My boobettes can't even fill out a trainer bra
by Orlando Bloom December 05, 2003
really small boobies
keep your hands of my boobettes assface
by abbi mazz April 12, 2003
a girl with itty bitty titties
that girl got some gnarly boobettes
by joey fossil August 07, 2004
aka chi-chititas
as in Spanish, chi-chi chiquitas
by miguelito ratton July 26, 2003
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