when a lady has two extra boobs that are extremely small in size, almost unoticable. its a genetic benefit from the mother. guys love it.
"Mother, so you mean to tell me that I have boobettes due to genetics?" said Shaantal
by goshdangit March 02, 2008
Top Definition
a word which describes a boob/breast of small size.
show us yer boobs!
well actually, i have boobettes.
by youhavepooinyourmouth September 22, 2007
Boobs of girls from age 10 and under
My boobettes can't even fill out a trainer bra
by Orlando Bloom December 05, 2003
the small boob creases of fat you get betweenyour boobs and your shoulders
Boobette are unavoidable no matter how skinny you are
by Ivaaa July 25, 2010
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