A raspberry done on the stomach region. A bunch of berries located on the belly of Billiam...the cutest man ever in the universe! They are the sweetest, tastiest, bestest berries ever and you cannot purchase them in the store!
I could go for a booberry right now!

by CIA Melissa April 17, 2009
a delicious, delightful breakfast cereal whose cover ghost blueberry thing looks like a deranged blob.
i love boo berry!
by Tinkerbelll April 28, 2004
When you have a separate cellphone, usually a Blackberry, for your respective one night stands, honky's, and other women that you call upon for sexual satisfaction.
"Yo man, I met this gurl at da club, imma add hurr on my booberry."

"Shit, I thought you was with Lushawnda!"

"Hell naw, nigga, she a straight honky!"
by tr35 September 30, 2009
The budding flower of the hemp plant, particularly that of the strain "cannabis indica", whose most notable characteristics are visible crystals, red hairs, and distinctly "skunky" odor; Any quantity of such flowers. Also reefer-ed to as "Meigs County Gold". See also: boo
Hey Todd, ya got any boo berry?
by Count Chocula February 28, 2003
like the action of giving a rasberry on the stomach, but instead on a breast.
Let me give you a booberry.
by Jonathan Hunt September 28, 2005
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