1. When a woman's stomach sticks out farther than her breasts do.

2. Derogatory term towards women who flaunt what they don't have.
"That girl over there has a boobelly."

"That girl has got no junk in her trunk. She's such a boobelly."
by Henrietta and Gretta July 26, 2006
When a females stomach sticks out further then her boobs.
Hey Jack did you see that girl she has a boo belly!
by Dark Absolution January 22, 2010
Occurs when there is no visible distinction between the bottom of a person's breasts and the beginning of their belly

A term often asociated with the coupling of sagging breasts and a large stomach

Note: The term is not limited to female's in the case a male has man boobs
"Dont stare but that chick has a serious case of Boobelly"

"Dude, that girl is all about the Boobelly!"
"That's a guy..."
"Oh Snap!"
by Sauce8186 June 25, 2009

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