A person who uses a false identity, lies, and has sex with multiple partners. There is no specific orientation for these types of people, as they like men, women, transgendered, swingers, basically another body. This person is needy, manipulative, and portrays his or herself as an upstanding person.
I was boobeared in portland by this weirdo I met on the internet.

Being boobeared in portland left me untrusting of others and bankrupt.
#lie #false identity #cheat #multiple sex partners #multiple orientations #ficticious #bamboozled
by ghostrider69 October 16, 2006
Top Definition
One using an alias, a hidden identity, oftentimes including transvestites, transgender, and transexual individuals.
while visiting a local club in Portland, I met the most beautiful woman in the world, to later find I was boobeared in portland, as she was really a man.
#trannies #transsexual #liars #cheaters #fake identity #transvestites
by maniacc January 06, 2007
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