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some scary looking children's television caracters, closely resenbleing a man's penis and who live in a ball bag each.
also available in a range of gay colurs
Ah!! Booooobahhhhhh
by laura June 25, 2004
1: (n) An affordable, FDA approved drug for children. Used to heighten sensory awareness and motivate physical activity.

2: (n)The new canabis of the 21st century.
"Come sweetie, the doctor says you must watch your boobah..."

"A yo, my kid be watchin' boobah. Let's roll that shit up and smoke it."
by Emanuel Lizama April 06, 2004
Television show created after the creators of the show were most definately tripping on acid and other illegal substances.
Writer #1: "Hey, that's some good shit, yo."

Writer #2: "Why yes, these are some high quality substances, fo real."

Writer #1: "I believe now would be an opportune occasion to invent the "Boobahs." What do you think?"

Writer #2: (Passes out.)
by Joel67 July 28, 2005
Originally fat, uncoordinated aliens on an Austrailian children's show, but now used as an adjective for something scary or outrageously weird.
That ruffled green and purple dress Sally was wearing was totally boobah.
by Leezee February 14, 2005
a fart. it was suposed to be multicolored breast implants that jump up and down on tv for young kids, but really boobah is just a fart.
"boobah! boobah!"
"ewwww! did u just boobah?"
"oops, i boobahed"
"it smells like boobah"
by Emily March 09, 2004
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