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a reference to the volume, bounce, and cleavage of a set of breasts
Denise lacked the proper boobage for that dress.

Nancy's boobage is the very finest I've ever seen.
by Jake February 02, 2004
The area of a woman's chest that encompasses the breasts (boobs) and includes any cleavage in between

It can also be applied to a male if he has 'man-boobs' or
'chest baggage'
The guy was so overweight his boobage was visible through his T shirt

The topless model had the most wonderful boobage
by andyb92 September 07, 2007

The act of fondling/receiving Cleivage and/or Boobs.
Dude, I totaly just got some boobage from my girl!!
by Niinjaa!! May 31, 2011
The age at which a woman attains boobs (also fondly known as tits). This could be a post-puberty stage or just be socks stuffed inside a bra. Its the age she is most disposed to be oggled and drooled over by boys and men alike, due to the fresh acquisition of her assets.
Can also be used for the age some men attain boobs - could be extra fat or just a fetish for trans sexuality.
When Sadie looked in the mirror this morning, she realized she has hit her boobage.
by itschickita August 18, 2009
a redneck translation of a womans breast
"dem white folk fatter dan hell, they have boobages bigger than my sister"
by Harrison October 04, 2003
hugh heffer likes boobage
by jenn July 13, 2003