a reference to the volume, bounce, and cleavage of a set of breasts
Denise lacked the proper boobage for that dress.

Nancy's boobage is the very finest I've ever seen.
by Jake February 02, 2004
The result of taking a picture with too much cleavage.
Did you see Jessica's picture, so much boobage. I can't even believe how slutty she is!
by Burning Thoughts July 08, 2015

The act of fondling/receiving Cleivage and/or Boobs.
Dude, I totaly just got some boobage from my girl!!
by Niinjaa!! May 31, 2011
The area of a woman's chest that encompasses the breasts (boobs) and includes any cleavage in between

It can also be applied to a male if he has 'man-boobs' or
'chest baggage'
The guy was so overweight his boobage was visible through his T shirt

The topless model had the most wonderful boobage
by andyb92 September 07, 2007
a redneck translation of a womans breast
"dem white folk fatter dan hell, they have boobages bigger than my sister"
by Harrison October 04, 2003
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