Something that is orgastic!
Ill give you a booba if you show me your propina.
by Singarama88 May 17, 2008
1.) A name for a dog that has been good and does not attack unless provoked or when it needs to. This term is mainly made for the bitch.
"Hi boobas!"
by Tom Dowd January 24, 2004
An adjective used to fill in the blank for any other adjective.
"You are such a booba"

"Why thankyou, i love your booba shirt"

"I just got a new phone! it's called the booba!"
by Booba Shmooba April 14, 2009
Bulging fat roll usually found on obese women that resides above the stomach and below the cleavage area. In many cases the booba can extent further than the stomach or breasts due to pressure from clothing. Boobas are usually found on large women who dress poorly.
Wow look at size of the booba on that woman!
by Elight October 14, 2005

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