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1.) A name for a dog that has been good and does not attack unless provoked or when it needs to. This term is mainly made for the bitch.
"Hi boobas!"
by Tom Dowd January 24, 2004
Term of endearment, typically addressed to males.
Only for my booba. Booba sweetness.
by T-Dog January 06, 2005
A term of endearment associated with someone you love very much.
Shane's mom often calls her fans booba when she tweets them.
by balls2u January 07, 2012
A word that fat buck-teethed Japanese people use to refer to breasts.
Man, I just sucked on some saggy boobas!
by Stuhl Babe April 07, 2004
An individual of Dutch origin from the northern Lehigh Valley community of Lehighton, Pennsylvania
Larry: "Throw the cow over the fence some hay"
Chris: "Don't talk like such a booba"
by Carbon Lehigh March 04, 2012
a person who is fucked up in the head and dont know what to do in sex
by princess walker April 04, 2010
Because Octopus' or babies attack!
A NJ thing, where people scream booba to make conversation, or get attention.
Mike: "So as I was saying.."
Amber: "BOOBA!"
Mike: "what?"
Amber: "Yea"
by secretcreeper August 05, 2011
Something that is orgastic!
Ill give you a booba if you show me your propina.
by Singarama88 May 17, 2008