A party involving lesbians floating on the Rio Grande with little more than their innertubes, sunscreen, and a cooler of well-chilled beer.
The worst day on a Boob Tube is better than any day working.
by Margaret505 July 13, 2010
to pacify one as a breast would to an infant
Are you wasting time watching the boobtube instead of doing your chores?
by tss Alberta March 23, 2009
boobtube is a word that difines anyone with the last name of wells. This is found because of the water runs through the pipes aka tubes and the pipe that runs into the well is called the boobtube
kaila-"hey whats your name?"
courtney wells-" courtney wells"
kaila-"ohh hey sup boobtube?"
by xocwellsxo July 10, 2008
the space in between ones boobs where you can fit a penis
aww man i so totally would lick her boob tube
by Vincent Varlotto February 11, 2008
Porn on T.V. Like playboy or penthouse.
Jim was watching the good old boob tube again tonight's special playmates on playboy.
by Firewave November 10, 2004
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