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What a butterface gets done in order for men to find her attractive. These women feel that big boobs will negate their ugly faces when the better choice would have been to get the plastic surgery done on said butterface.
Most WWE Divas had boob jobs to hide the fact they are butterfaces.
by Marshall Rousso September 20, 2006
264 204
Plastic surgery using implants, done to inhance the look of a womans breast.
I think she feels more confident about herself since she had her boob job done.
by Mckenzie September 10, 2003
143 132
A woman that has no trouble finding employment - due to the size of her large breasts
Man 1 "How did Karen get a job there? - She's not even qualified!"

Man 2 "It was a Boob Job"

Man 1 "Ahhhh, I see"
by Booby Choodoo July 10, 2008
72 74
When one places one's penis between a woman's or overweight male's breasts and moves the penis in a back-and-forth motion or the boobs to rub against the penis.
Travis: "Dude, I got a boob job last night".
Patrick: "Sweet. You should try space docking".
by Hazel Lockheart November 25, 2009
84 91
Man's way of fixing god's small mistakes.
Mary had small tits before her Boobjob.
by J.V. November 30, 2008
47 60
a surgical enlargement of a woman's breasts, a mastectomy
She got a boob job because she wanted to get more attention from her boyfriend.
by Light Joker July 05, 2005
78 91
Skateboarding lingo used when someone falls and/or slides on their chest/front.
"I got stuck on that crack and got the gnarliest boob job."
by Spenser May 07, 2005
48 69
there are three types of boob job

1. when a family cheats the system for a very long time whilst pig feeding their crappy daughter to boob job her big back breaking tits. (like credit tits)

2. when a doctor puts huge weights in your tits full of jelly so you can equal to every businessy man in America, and they never care.

3. When your credit titties make you so raw you get some of the fat taken out. For every piece of fat, an abused raped girl grows bigger much needed beautiful tatas.
Nina "Sarah I got a boob job"

Sarah "Yeah your boob job makes them look smaller that means mine hopefully will grow."
by laughingatwhoresroyal September 27, 2010
12 43