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The arsecrack-like space between either two womanboobs or manboobs. Very hard for straight men to not stare at if prominent. See: cleavage
"I hope this is a photo of a boobcrack, not an arsecrack."
by Sakhalinskii August 18, 2008
When the bottom of a girl's boob is hanging out from under a woman's top.
Did you see that chick at the club showing her boob-crack
by someguy January 18, 2005
the cleavage spilling out of a girl's shirt.
Mya Braztoosmal: Um, what are you staring at? My eyes up here kid.

Kid: Oh, I was just staring at your boob crack.
by ms,garcia March 13, 2008
Basically just cleaveage. like a buttcrack only in the front and on your chest formed from 2 large boobs pressed together.
"A slippery coconut noodle just slid down my boob crack!"

"wow, she is showing a lot of boob crack"

"my dang titties are too small for me to have a boob crack"

person a: what are you staring at?
person b: your amazing boob crack!

Boob crack: a great place to carry a cell phone.
by Harrison's Girl July 08, 2012
The space between two boobs. Has the potential to look like an asscrack.
It looks really trashy when you get a tattoo in your boobcrack.
by Somaew February 08, 2008