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It's the sweat that accumilates under big boobs
It was so hot outside that I had mass amounts of boob sweat.
by Tiffany2583 January 05, 2007
Worse than the ordinary sweat for the female; face, stomach and armpits. Causes your bra to become completely soaked and a pool of sweat to settle right in the middle of your chest.
Sasha: It's so hot outside!
Kim: I know, I've got major boob sweat.
by BoobSweatSucks November 16, 2009
a word often used when there's an awkward silence;
perspiration from breasts;

i can see your boobsweat through your shirt. gross.
by aliwis May 29, 2006
the sweat that develops on a womans cleavage. not on the breast itself, but in between.
Sydney: Alaina, you have boob sweat.
Alaina: WHAT!? no i dont, ew.
Sydney: r u kidding? thats effin hot!
Alaina: :)
by ilessthan3boobsweat January 19, 2009
boob, sweat
degrading term for sweat under one's breasts, usually directed to someone acting stupid
Fuck off, you shitty boobsweat!
by Tragicalrocker November 14, 2003
A delicious beverage coming from the cleavage of a morbidly obese black woman's abnormally large breasts. The beverage is typically consumed by african american males.
Tyrone: Nigga i could really use some Boobsweat right now.
Terrel: Nigga why dont you go hit up Mo'Nique's boobs. They be lookin awful sweaty today.

Jamal: Damn. I really want some fresh squeezed Boobsweat. All they got at the store is a bunch o processed Boobsweat. A nigga cant get no fresh Boobsweat no more
by Señor Long Schlong April 03, 2013
1. Rivers McKenzie.
2. Something you call someone with large pit stains who shows them to everyone.
3. Persperation from a breast.
Hey Boobsweat, stop showing everyone your pitstains and get your sweaty ass over here!
by Christina, the awesomest July 21, 2004
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