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slang word for something to do with the breasts
when a man licks or sucks at a womans nipples
by janet32 February 22, 2005
Sexual intercourse with a large pair of boobs.
"Dude...she took her top off, I dropped my pants, and we had boob sex for over an hour!"
by cogprimus January 31, 2010
Wen one girl grabs another girls boobs, then there boobs are toch the other boobs, there for they are haveing "boob sex" whith eachothers boobs. Boob Aids is vary vary bad becouse the boobs turn purpleand blue, and thats just not good boobige. So... People , girls, please don't have Boob sex, Just hold you'r own!!
"Dude, I just saw some lesbian boob sex!!!"
by baughan August 31, 2007