A person (usually male) who most appreciates the breasts of a woman over other parts such as the legs or butt, sometimes to the point of obsession.
Male 1: DAMN! Look at the ass on that girl! Tell me you wouldn't tap that!
Male 2: Mmm, I dunno. I'm more of a boob man, and she's definitely lacking up top.
by Not-that-cool Guy October 30, 2011
A man with a love or passion for women who have huge or very nice boobs.
You're a boobman if you only date busty women.
by Drunk Driver May 25, 2007
A man obsessed with breasts, with an insatiable lust to enjoy every pair of boobs he sees.
You can find a boob man at his residence, inside a woman's shirt.
by psyduck1 July 27, 2011

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