Plastic surgery using implants, done to inhance the look of a womans breast.
I think she feels more confident about herself since she had her boob job done.
by Mckenzie September 10, 2003
A woman that has no trouble finding employment - due to the size of her large breasts
Man 1 "How did Karen get a job there? - She's not even qualified!"

Man 2 "It was a Boob Job"

Man 1 "Ahhhh, I see"
by Booby Choodoo July 10, 2008
When one places one's penis between a woman's or overweight male's breasts and moves the penis in a back-and-forth motion or the boobs to rub against the penis.
Travis: "Dude, I got a boob job last night".
Patrick: "Sweet. You should try space docking".
by Hazel Lockheart November 25, 2009
a surgical enlargement of a woman's breasts, a mastectomy
She got a boob job because she wanted to get more attention from her boyfriend.
by Light Joker July 05, 2005
Skateboarding lingo used when someone falls and/or slides on their chest/front.
"I got stuck on that crack and got the gnarliest boob job."
by Spenser May 07, 2005
n., lesbian terminology getting the whole breast in one's mouth; like a blowjob, only for boobs.
I don't know about you, but I'm game for a fierce round of boobjob. Remove thine bra!
by Memetan August 18, 2006
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