After you have smoked a lot of weed and you are so high that you are past the point of saying "I am stoned" or "I am baked"

Basically when you are really really fuckin stoned out of your mind.
Dude, I hit that bong like twenty times, I am Boo-boo Kitty Fuck(ed) right now...

Dude, Pass that bong, I want to get more Boo-boo Kitty Fuck
by Thørn February 26, 2009
The name of a kick ass icecube bong. It was once used by the great cheech and chong and has its traces all the way back to one of our founding pot smoking fathers, George Washington. Some say this mighty bong was hit before the mighty odysseus had his trip. And trip he did for it was a worthy bong. (and they smoked some dank ass shit back then)
"Dude lets hit boo boo kitty fuck"
by Jone adams the great late fag August 26, 2009
from the movie "Super Troopers" Just love saying it as a term of endearment.
I haven't seen you in a such a while my little boo boo kitty fuck.
by monkeybuttsmom June 15, 2010
when a girl on her on period, she has a boo boo. kitty is her pussy, and fuck is to fuck her. So basically it means to fuck a girl thats on her period, but with a condom.
Him: baby can i fuck u tonight?
Her: no babes, im on my period.
Him: ok. then can i boo boo kitty fuck u instead.
Her: ok.
by m.m.f.w.c.l May 09, 2010

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