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mistake, error, doing something wrong
don't u ever do that boo-boo again, or u'll lose ur job!
by Varsha June 02, 2005
1)when someone is an idiot

2)something has gone bad or is gone
josh: hey where did that bowl go?
brandon: right here bro, damn that shit is boo boo
by giantdick-O-tron June 20, 2011
A term describing an unfortunate act, event or situation.
Jim: My wife's making me go to the opera with her even

though I've got tickets to the game."

Bob: That's Boo Boo man.

Dude, that movie sucked and the ending was boo boo.
by Bigpapak84 December 29, 2009
a female kitten
a cute boo boo
by chrondiddly March 13, 2009
according to what a white boy told me, boo boo is "ebonics" for poo poo what made him think this is beyond me
<White Boy> When Outkast says "roses really smell like boo boo" boo boo is ebonic slang for poo poo
by Rick James April 18, 2004
Some shitty ass weed
Nah nigguh I ain't tryin' to smoke nunna dat boo boo you got from socal.
by boo boo killa March 03, 2009
best friend in the world.
i fell your pain boo boo where you at?!
by tballa April 21, 2005