the name you call someone you care about
a cute silly name usually used between a loving girlfriend and her boyfriend
it is more personalized then babe and although boys may not like it at first it will grow on them
hey, booboo i missed you soo much im so glad you called booboo
by CrazySloot November 25, 2011
People who are scabs on society, pieces of crap, and accidents are known as Boo Boo.
"Oh my god Terry. Look at all the Boo Boos shopping at Walmart today!"

"Hey, get off the welfare and get a job Boo Boo!"

"Wow. Loose a little weight Boo Boo."
by wsimon98 July 04, 2013
Also known as "owies," the type of injury sustained by playing with a small kitten.

You get hurt?

Naw, its just a Booboos...

Ok, a teletubbies bandaid it is...
by cen7ury May 18, 2011
used as a ridiculous pet name for anyone you may or may not know. more free flowing when alcohol is involved.
hey booboo. how you doin booboo?
by quwieotion January 12, 2009
An adjective (with emphasis on the second 'boo') used to describe anything and everything that sucks, whether it be a bad situation, something disappointing, etc, but isn't extremely terrible. Usually placed at the beginning or end of a sentence.
Jesse, I changed the date for my party just for you and now you can't come? That's boo boo.

Ahh, boo boo! I forgot to write my paper!!!

Seriously? He gave us homework on the first day of school?! Boo boo.
by VonKeiss August 24, 2008
1. Bullshit.

2. A small cut or injury.
1.Bob: Dude, last night I got laid by Jennifer, that effing smoking hot chick on the cheer squad.

Tom: Bob, look, don't give me that booboo, your ugly as hell and you smell like sweaty lamabutt.

Bob: Why am i your friend again asshole?

2.Tim: Damn dude are you alright, that fall looked bad, it takes time and practice to be a heely master like me!

Will: Yeah man i know, it's alright though, i just got a little booboo from the fall.
by sexysocksss June 03, 2010
The act of droping a load.
Man, I have to booboo!
by C Rob January 15, 2006

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