A new breed of sense of humour.

A breed so low on comedy value, the only penalty when used should be death or anal intrusion.

The low comedy value is usually followed by a green stinky breath gas ommited from mouth as it whistles past the green hedge like teeth.

Then a smirk which reforms the mouth into an 'S' shape and a Cuss Down Face is then displayed. Then a tumble weed is usually seen rolling past, and silence.

Booboo, its not for the weak hearted.
Person 1 - "Hey man, did you see that documentry on retards the other day, poor things, i really felt for them?"

Booboo - "Yeah i did and I seen you on it, nice t-shirt you had on, they was my trainers you had on innit, im telling your mum, oh I seen her on it too, she had someones nob in her mouth"

Then green gas, tumbleweeds and silence....

Not the gretest defenition.. You usually try to erase it from your memory once its happened.
by The son of the joker November 04, 2009
1. another word for bammer weed

2. my homeboy Ryan

3. Yogi's homeboy
1. Man, don't get any of that boo boo. That crap is bammer.

2. Hey Boo Boo, sup with the doja?

3. Boo Boo jocks Yogi so much, he steals picnic baskets in exchange for hummers
by Your Daddy November 26, 2003
1. An unattractive face, or anything that is unappealing
Buffie The Body from Tony Yayo's "So Seductive" video has a bangin' body but that face is boo boo.
by Antoine July 27, 2005
1. the act or action of taking a shit or the shit itself. see also: dookie, poo poo (exact variation), shizat, #2, or just plain shit.
2. a general derogatory statement for a mistake or a bad action (more often used in the shorten version a "boo")
1. I gotta take a boo boo. That apple pie smells like stright boo boo! that damned cat boo booed on the carpet again!
2. Man that football play was straight boo boo!
by DV October 27, 2003
booboo meaning boobilicously annoying till u wanna scream boobookittyfucker
Shut up booboo and quit acting like a boobookittyfucker.
by crow June 22, 2005
Adjective used to describe ones shoes or clothing. When they are raggedy or of poor quality. or three months old.
Timmy V's little brother: Gilbert yo shoes is booboo, fo real nigga i aint playin. shit, look like they was your dads or some shit.
Gilbert: my brother died in vietnaum
by Doug Seely June 27, 2006
a term black people use for having a baby
yo shaniqua, imma go take booboo, wat should i name it.
by wallball123 July 10, 2008

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