you say it when you are upset about somethin but not like crying upset, like if your on msn n sum 1 goes i dont like you messing about youd go boo
hannah:hey you still coming out today
chloe:no sorry i cant
hannah:oh boo
by hannah April 04, 2005
A "Boo" is a racist term for an African-American. This has two possible origins:

1. An sort of pun created from another racist name for black people: "spook".


2. An abbreviation of another racist term for blacks: "jig-a-boo".
Racist #1: "Damn, Tony did you see the lips on that boo?"

Racist #2: "Yeah, that spook had lips so big his head tipped forward".

Racist #1: Yeah, it was as long as a mule's lip from his ear down!"

Racist #2: "He was dark, too!"

Racist #1: "No kidding! That boo was so black he was almost purple!"
by Juderunner July 26, 2008
A term of endearment African Americans use when referring to each other. It is derived from the word jigaboo and used mostly by black females when speaking to black males.
Black chick talking to either her:

1.) Fatherless son: "Ay, boo. Time for bed.

2.) Boyfriend: "Ay, boo. When do'ya get outta prison?"

3.) Girlfriends: "It's nice to be chillin' with my boos."
by Tim Jerome March 16, 2008
a lovely, sweet, beautiful paramour whom you love very much
you're a boo
i love boo
boo! come here, boo!
by JL The Boo October 11, 2007
The most amazin thing to ever walk this earth, you see her and your jaw is instantly broke cause it hits the floor so damn hard!! She's my everythin and wooahhh I aint never gonna let her go :)
Boo you are so fit :)
by Roo July 20, 2004
An ambiguous term for endearment. A significant other without a title.
My boo Melissa and I went out to lunch; we held hands, and shared a kiss, but it was not a date.
by Hendrick September 18, 2007
A cute way to express displeasure, or sympathetic feelings.

A shortened version of boo urns.
Person 1: "I don't want to go to work today"
Person 2: "Boo, work!"

Person 1: "My sister's kitten is sick"
Person 2: "Boo, sick kitty!"
by Naughtybat August 09, 2006
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