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1)to boo something which is 'boo-worthy'

2)to disagree or to not comply with
kid 1- "what a corny fuck'n joke, boo that, boo this man."
Everybody- "boooooo. . .booo." (chop,chop,chop)


Kid 1- "Dude you shouldn't date that Chinese chick, you might get the SARS."
Kid 2- "Boo that, I've got the yellow fever, I need some China beaver"
by R. Dizzle June 17, 2004
to show disapproval of a subject in a condescending fashion, often signaled by a roll of the eyes or sour face expression.
She wanted to go to THAT movie?? Boo that!
by J Fair June 17, 2004
boo that means like that doesn't look right..or u didn't something stupid...
For example this kid wore an orange shirt and green pants..my brother would go up to him and be like "boo that man"
by Terence June 17, 2004