Nice guy. Yeah I'd do Boo Radley.
BOO RADLEY YEAY! Nice guy. I'd do em.
by King Anthony V of Svalbard April 18, 2005
the police (syn: 5-0)
SHIT! boo radley 6 o'clock!
by jesus w. bush December 27, 2004
Any expectionally unattractive female. Boo Radley's typically hail from places like Boo City, Iowa. Wall Streeters refer to Boo Radley's as triple boo minus, if EXCEPTIONALLY UGLY, single boo minus. Variants include "rad" or "boo"
"Man, that girl is totally boo-radley." "I'm a seller of that boo radley, she's like single boo minus."
by Rufus McDoofus November 16, 2003
A Radley that yells "Boo."
Ol' Boo Radley never came out of his house.
by Atticus Finch June 12, 2003

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