adj--describing something that is fucking awesome
Yo man, those rims are bonz.
by Hey Sixman May 06, 2005
Top Definition
to be in a rush or a hurry
i'm late, i've gotta bonz home

we gotta bonz if we're gonna make it to the concert
by Kelly Fitz March 12, 2006
is usually an enchanting, positive, free loving soul. Her intuition is always spot on and you can never keep things from her for too long. She is kind, courageous, empathetic, intelligent and has a great sense of self righteous justice. She makes a great mother if she has children. Her laugh is contagious, she has a great sense of humour. A loyal friend, honest and places a high priority on the value and roles of partnership in any relationship.

As stunning on the outside as she is on the inside, she is said to be one of the most breathtakingly beautiful creatures on this earth. Kind, humble, modest and a lil self conscious at times, her only fault is doubting herself, she is very natural and down to earth, lots of people want to be her friend. Self reclusive and sometimes very quiet, spontaneous and independent.
The opponent is Bonz, yeah... looks like the perfect woman.


I wish I had a Bonz
by Kuroineko May 05, 2011
pretty much can be used for anything
can be an action or a person (a bonzer)
yeah man i just bonzed that bonzer
by crich January 02, 2008
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