After consuming every single french fry in a McDonald's meal, a customer will usually check the empty bag that carried their food for an extra french fry that might have fallen out when taking out their meal. Only few are so lucky.
Guy 1: Aw man, two big macs and a large fry and I'm still hungry! Oh well, better fill this bag up with tra-- sweet mother of roses...
Guy 2: What is it?

Guy 1: I've been blessed... with the bonus fry!
Guy 2: By the beard of Zeus... there IS a God!
by Rupert "Mr. Bitches" Goldtooth September 17, 2012
Top Definition
The french fries that fall out of their original packaging and accumulate in the bottom of the bag.
There are always a few bonus fries in the bottom of the McDonald's bag.
by Cam Chapman October 17, 2008
(Noun) An additional, and unseen, french fry or fries found at the bottom of a bag in a fast food restaurant providing extra nutrition when the meal was believed to have been finished. (Originator: Jim Gaffigan). Also used to describe freshly discovered food which had previously been hidden, forgotten or unseen when searching for ways to ease a need for a snack .
1 - After finishing the meal I was still hungry, but then I spotted a few hidden fries in the bag. I had discovered 'bonus fries'.
2 - I was so hungry after lunch, and was searching my bag when I uncovered a chocolate bar I had forgotten from the day before. The universe had rewarded me with a 'bonus fry'
by OldEnglish May 07, 2014
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