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very very large
1. "I was having sexual intercourse and this attractive females BONTO breasts were launching all over her chest."

2. I was fucking this GILF and her saggy bonto tities were bouncing around the whole fucking house.
by slipppery shlong January 07, 2011
0 2
something that is awesome, cool, off the chain, off the hook, freaking amazing or just chill
" Dude Brians new corvette is totally bonto"
"Have you seen her outfit today? she looks soo bonto"
by don.worry.about.a.thing.97 December 26, 2009
24 5
suspected american indian. believed to be associate, friend, relative of tonto.
Lone Ranger, Tonto and Bonto.
by M.Marco. January 12, 2010
3 18