The art of growing small trees -OR- reshaping kittens by confining them in a small container until their structure has conformed to the shape of the container.
People who bonsai their cats sicken me.
by wcgold December 25, 2004
An ancient form of dwarfing trees by limiting nutrients and water. The bon in bonsai meaning pot and the sai meaning plant. It is a Chinese secret passed down generation to generation. Peace out mark, phil, arika, my baby Kat, and everyone else in the world.
That bonsai is wicked small esse!
by Doc Holiday May 13, 2004
When you rub your ass in someones face
(can be bare ass or with pants/shorts/underwear up)
I Totally Bonsaid Raymond off Harlans Pool Deck.
I Ripped His Face Apart With A Bonsai.
by Connor G July 31, 2006
In Korea (my friend told me about this) when someone is asleep in class sometimes the kid behind him shoves two fingers up there ass and shouts bonsai! I hear it is really hilarious. It can also he a small Japanese bush
Today Gussy-poo got bonsai-ed. haha lol
by Ami-the-water-godess October 04, 2005
when the woman sticks her nipple in the man's peehole.
Yo I bonsaid with Tiffany yesterday.
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