1.Slang term for boner, or erection.
2.What i get when i look at your mom.
3.object obtained when a woman performs the ho stretch.
1. Agh, get yo mutha fuggin bonosaurus out of my face its gonna give me nightmares!

2. Whoa, you see that ho-stretch? That thing's givin me a bonosaurus.
by noodles April 02, 2003
Top Definition
A dinosaur preferably a brontosaurus with Bono's head on it
EX: Jurassic Park would've been a rockin movie it there were more bonosaurus' in it.
by Iris Byrne November 27, 2007
A very large "boner" or erection.
"Oh, dude, when I saw that hot chick I got a bonosaurus!"
by Brianna Awesome February 20, 2007
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