A person or animal that becomes aroused by objects, actions, or situations, that would not usually cause arousal in a normal individual. This term gets its name from the fact that bonobo monkeys tend to become aroused and partake in auto-erotic activities when someone jingles their keys in front of them.
Levi's such a weirdo. Anytime he sees garden gnomes or troll dolls, he totatlly spanks the monkey. What a bonobo!!!
by Jamie Hunt August 04, 2007
Verb or noun. Engaging in animalistic sex. Rubbing genitals frequently in a frenzied state.
Let's go back to my place and do the bonobo.

I'm going to bonobo the sh%t out of you.
by Pushpuppy February 26, 2014
A Bonobo is a small, french looking animal usually found in the heart of Tropical terrain.

The Bonobo has a strange tenancy to prey on the young and weak(drunk)

The Bonobo has a small compartment in between it's legs to lure in innocent bystanders.

When threatened, the Bonobo will make a loud shrieking noise and then proceed to rid of all it's clothing.
Guy 1 "dude, don't get too fucked up, there are bonobo's around"

Guy 2(next morning) : "dude, i was attacked by a bonobo last night, it was fucking scary"
by Joumasepoes123 January 17, 2011
Folowing a filthy simian with felatio or cunnilingus.
Do you have any mouthwash? I just finished a round of the filthy simian with some bonobo action if you know what I'm saying....
by jgogs April 02, 2007
An old man or woman with crusty and disgusting features. Usually people that look like they never bathe or look like they have been beaten down by a baseball bat.
"Look at that crusty bonobo!"
"You freeken' bonobo!"
by grenada February 20, 2007

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