The most fantastic man alive, and lead singer in the mind-blowingly beautiful band U2. A musical genius and a humanitarian. He has numerous groupies, including God. He is also my soulmate.
"Bono sure is the best man alive."
"He's okay, but he's no Bono."
by Loren, Spontaneous Lead Singer March 11, 2006
also known as "God". He's the lead singer of the best band in the world (U2), an activist with a great heart, and an advocate for justice.
Let's go praise Bono.
by Hew March 21, 2005
Bonehead more like. A talentless dwarf irish schlock rock singer who's been releasing the same overblown pompous wank rock song over and over again since 1980. A man who's level of understanding of geopolitics is around GCSE level but who insists on lecturing us all on how to save the world. A prick who goes on about 3rd world poverty all the time yet is strangely silent when it comes to really contentious issues like Iraq. In fact, worse than that, the little twat sucks around Tony Blair (the man responsible for hundreds of thousand of deaths in the middle east), has photo opportunities hugging the cunt and tells us all to vote for him! He even donates his crappy 'beautiful day' song for cunt Blair to use as his election theme. Oh yes Bonehead, I bet its a beautiful day in Iraq you fake little fuckwitted douchebag. In fact it gets worse, the horrible ugly sunglasses wearing asswipe organises 'Live 8' with his arselicker-in-chief Bob Geldof to 'make poverty history' (I can really see that working - watching a bunch of over the hill has-beens flogging their latest album is really gonna make a difference to starving children in Africa) but really to drag up a bunch of his corpse mates from the 80's and flog a few albums. Then all the performers and their entourages who are all supposed to be doing this for charity (about 300 people altogether) get a £5000 goodie bag (containing Ipods, chanel perfume etc) to take home with them as a thank you! Laughable. You couldn't make this stuff up. He then makes it a condition of the gig that (because war criminal Blair is his mate) no performers are allowed to mention Iraq, Afghanistan or Bush and Blair. What a horrible, hypocritical little wanker. 'In the name of love' my fucking arse. In the name of money more like. Fuck off and die with extreme prejudice you smug twat!
Bono? Isn't he that shortarsed little twat who's always lecturing us on how to save the world? The talentless, phoney, fuckwitted cunt.
by ripitup July 25, 2006
Bono got his name from a hearing aid store called, BONOVOX, in the Republic of Ireland. Interestingly, just as Native Americans have drinking problems in their genes, Irish people are often deaf due to genetic defects. There are many deaf people in Ireland and a lot of Irish hearingaid stores.
Bono doesn't have to wear bonovox, and nor does he have to wear those awful glasses that look like they're from startrek.
by U2MyMan April 10, 2009
Similar to that of a boner - Only in human form.
Men want to be him, and women want to be with him. Except he is a pain in the ass.
"i think i am a bono... does this mean i need to save the planet?"
by the_man_69 May 17, 2009

Primarily used to describe a person whose opinion is not valued by the group.

Normally used when someone is trying to gain credibility through their stance and opinions.
Lucy: "Oh well as I was saying just the other day the economic situation is just dire. We need a change in government."

Everyone: "Oh shut up, Bono!"
by thegreatcollapso + The_End October 24, 2008
Singer from U2. The worst composer of music in history. He thinks he's the next best thing to God. His fans claim that he's helping to stop world hunger and other curing aids even though he has accomplished nothing but getting millions of undeserved money. Deserves to die a horrible, painful death involving gerbils gnawing off his tiny penis.
Bono: Okay, the next song I'm going to sing is about how great I am and how everyone should call me "God" and worship me.

Person who likes good music #1: Screw this, I'm gonna go listen to some Led Zeppelin, where the singer is actually talented!

Person who likes good music #2: Jesus Christ, your music makes my ears bleed!
by Blackdog 218 August 18, 2009
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