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1. A hero
2. Sweetest singer ever (in the band u2)
3. A leader of the ONE campain to stop HIV/AIDs in Africa
Bono is pretty sweet
by YoshimiBattlesthepinkrobots December 07, 2007
68 76
The RECORD of world's biggest crap.
Damn Bono is a piece of shit.
by Homosapien Michaels October 21, 2007
60 68
a peice of crap.

person 1: did you see that new episode of south park?

person 2: yeah, that one where bono is sucking that guys tit at the end?

person 1: yeah thats the one.
by igothighlastnight October 27, 2007
80 89
the biggest crap
i just took a Bono last night
by tatomuck1 February 19, 2009
39 50
The singer of U2. Everyone seems to be hating on him. U2 is a very respectable band and last time I checked you weren't a world famous superstar! Is there a right way to do it?

Don't hate on Bono. At least he's trying. And he's got a great band to support him!
person 1: Bono sucks!
person 2: Don't be hatin!!
by imnotcrazyyet October 03, 2010
11 26
The living proof that Darwin's theory of the Survival of the Fittest doesn't apply in our modern era.
1. I wonder if Bono would've caused so much hype back in the dark ages...

2. Bono is a douchebag.
by Noum's evil twin September 30, 2008
39 54
The 2nd largest peice of crap in the world. weighs over 80 kurics. As seen in South Park
Bono didnt take the worlds largest crap his is the world largests crap
by Tyler Parizek October 14, 2007
44 60