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The vocalist and sometimes guitarist of the Irish rock group U2
Bono's real name is Paul David Hewson
by Shadow November 04, 2004
conceited little shit of a man who loves to snort up charlie and speaking in a stupid contrived accent which doesnt reflect real Dublin people.

Self righteous hasbeen cunt who should give up "performing" and support some home grown replacements rather than licking Apple and IRMAs arses.

charliegreedyhypocrytejunkieweekend staring into the mirrorself obsesseddelusions of granduerembarrassment to Ireland
"Oh god no- maaa- look at that twat Bono on the news, he's pipin more shite about the third world and I swear to god he looks off his face"
by womoma April 15, 2005
Originally the singer of homosexual band U2. Now also known as a perfect synonym for "gay" or "very gay". It can also mean "queer", or "wuss", depending on the situation.
You fuckin Bono, quit staring at my dad's ass.
by NainDeJardin February 28, 2005