The vocalist and sometimes guitarist of the Irish rock group U2
Bono's real name is Paul David Hewson
by Shadow November 04, 2004
The organ used to give some poor girl (in either sense of the word) a charity fuck.
Jen: Did you hear Bono was in Virginia the other day promoting AIDS?

Ashley: Really? Oh, well that girl never gets any anyway.

Virginia: Hey, wtf are you guys talking about?
by kjewfljwhrglw November 16, 2007
hardcore, crazy, main man of u2 who can whip some ass
i know the guy deserves it but dont go bono on the mother fucker

Guy will go bono on the mo fucker if he want a death wish
by andrew robertson January 28, 2008
To save the world with everybody elses money.
Bono says we can save the world.
by Dr. Offalmann December 14, 2003
A synonym/slang word for bi sexual
I was with some bono b***hes last night.
Two chicks one dick ;)
by Nebakenezzer May 03, 2008
Another word for both the literal and the slang terms for shit.
U2 are really Bono!
Man, you're Bono at thinking.
I'm going for a Bono, might take a while.
by Bono February 15, 2005
an under developed male, usually found in the presence of politicians,starving children and supermodels.
has a compulsion to save the world,
also a verb; to do a "bono"
David Furnish;hey look at all those starving earwigs, we should do a bono
Elton; nah, fuck em
by kirsty November 19, 2003
See: Smug

The world would be a better place if he volunteered to have medical experiments performed on him.
Bono is a smug no-talent prick.
by Everyone March 26, 2003

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