The vocalist and sometimes guitarist of the Irish rock group U2
Bono's real name is Paul David Hewson
by Shadow November 04, 2004
The greatest man ever to grace the earth with his presence. He has a glorious voice and a very shiny butt. He sweats a bit much under stagelights. Some people call him pretentious but that's just because it's cool to hate him. His eyes are sensitive to light, so he wears shades, aka Bono shades.
Person 1: Oh my god, that man has a voice like Bono!

Person 2: Really? OMG the hotness
by the-cat July 12, 2011
1. A hero
2. Sweetest singer ever (in the band u2)
3. A leader of the ONE campain to stop HIV/AIDs in Africa
Bono is pretty sweet
by YoshimiBattlesthepinkrobots December 07, 2007
The RECORD of world's biggest crap.
Damn Bono is a piece of shit.
by Homosapien Michaels October 21, 2007
a peice of crap.

person 1: did you see that new episode of south park?

person 2: yeah, that one where bono is sucking that guys tit at the end?

person 1: yeah thats the one.
by igothighlastnight October 27, 2007
the biggest crap
i just took a Bono last night
by tatomuck1 February 19, 2009
The singer of U2. Everyone seems to be hating on him. U2 is a very respectable band and last time I checked you weren't a world famous superstar! Is there a right way to do it?

Don't hate on Bono. At least he's trying. And he's got a great band to support him!
person 1: Bono sucks!
person 2: Don't be hatin!!
by imnotcrazyyet October 03, 2010
Fat sanctimonious cunt from U2.

On an level with Bob Geldof in the "self righteous wanker" category.
Oh fuck. That prick Bono is coming to try and coerce you into giving your hard earned money over to the third world...
by ashley9505 September 08, 2009

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