The vocalist and sometimes guitarist of the Irish rock group U2
Bono's real name is Paul David Hewson
by Shadow November 04, 2004
formerly the biggest piece of shit in the whole world
Bono was the biggest piece of shit in the world until Randy Marsh broke the record with his own monstrous deuce.
by rustyschackleford January 14, 2008
Self important dickhead whose sunglasses are probably worth more than 50 African villages, claims he cares about the impoverished in Africa, like Mr. Geldof, who wouldn't even get his shitty hair cut for charity.
Bono Boner Bonehead Borer Banal
by Zebedee Acid Rain January 10, 2009
Lead singer of U2. Some people would elaborate on this statement with a "Bono is an arrogant self righteous, big headed, smug arse- and he proves this by helping out third world countries..."

Hm...somehow that statement seems to be contradicting itself a little. Bono is a little lime light hogging at times sure, but he's a performer- obviously he'd be a pretty crap show man if he hated the attention.

Think about it- He is Bono- if he wanted ego gratification then he could just put on a spontaneous U2 concert and see how many people showed up and yelled themselves hoarse for him and the band. He does charity work because he actually cares about it- if he gets a heckalot of publicity for it than hm...I dont might have something to do with him also being the front man of a huge rock band. Besides the publicity helps the charity. I'm sure the people whos lives have been saved due to Bonos work dont really care about his motives anyhow.

To people who have made a statement similar to "I hate Bono because of his ego boosting charity work." I pose the question- Have you done better?
Bono deserves the praise he gets for his work in third world countries.
by Naomo December 25, 2004
made-up spanish slang for turd
odelay mang, there's a boño in the back of my car...
by Gramma-X November 28, 2014
a person who gets blamed for lots of things that they oppose, like the scapegoated rock star of the same name.
Don't blame him for that. He's just a Bono.
by Janet Anidoe April 23, 2011
Bono, Bonavox come from the Latin meaning "Good Voice"
Bono is also the name of the sexy Irish front man of the Irish band U2.
Bono is his stage name but his real name is Paul Hewson.

Bono is a very talented, religious,loyal person who will take the shirt off his back and give it to someone in need. And there is proof look on youtube it's there somewhere.

And gets mad pussy so be jealous!
Bono owns
by keegers January 03, 2009
a beyond talented musician who uses his gift of gab to encourage people to help each other
trying to drop the debt, and trying to get african aids victims better mdeication
by ejevns October 30, 2003

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