To be a 'Bonny' is to be a sexual deviant. This usually consists of aggressive behaviour, angry looks, destroying of certain bodily parts such as the back or arms.

Sometimes a Bonny can get especially violent and cause pain/injury to other bodily parts of more importance.
Back is scratched to pieces - "oh you Bonny!"
cock is ripped off - "oh you're such a Bonny"
by Ben DoverPlease Cheers November 11, 2012
Top Definition
Like pretty - Pleasing to the eye.
Used in parts of the United Kingdom, Scotland, the North East of England and possibly other areas too. (Not sure about outside the UK.)
Person 1 : Everyone thinks you have a bonny girlfriend.
Person 2 : Yeah, she's a keeper.
by LifeOfSin105 March 23, 2007
The celtic word for beauty. Its just a cool way to tell someone they are awesomely good-looking.

Also a great website:
"shes a bonny lass" = shes a pretty girl
by coolbri54 October 14, 2011
being shy, especially with girls (as a boy)
to bonny sb - seeing sb
by G.H. April 09, 2003
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