school food
"yo a rat jumped out of Calvin's bonk last period.
by Michelle March 28, 2004
not true, false information
Do you really believe that bonk?
by Ralph May 29, 2004
inserting ones penis in to a womens vagina
i enjoy bonking, will you give me a good bonk
by marie August 20, 2003
an ugly girl
Damn..Nicole is fuckin bonk.
by Bob Butler September 05, 2003
to descibe a drug in a weak manner or say that it dosn't work
vanessa:that thizz we popped last night was hella bonk.

jordan:unless your dieing on the ground, you think everything is bonk
by ex-con December 31, 2005
an unspeakable religious slur of severe hatred which refers to those who lack religion.

as offensive as nigger, wop, spic, jew, etc.
you are a fucking bonk!
by abner November 19, 2004
A very beautiful girl with
the last name of Bonk.
> Kristin Marie Bonk
Kristin Bonk is beautiful!
by Hank0001 June 02, 2004

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