A general word for a situation when something is different, unusual or there is no other word that describes the moment or persons behaviour.
"Stop being Bongis"
"That song is so bongis"
"What the Bongis?"
by smorgeous February 03, 2010
Top Definition
Anthoer way to say Maurijuna
Hey lets go smoke some bongi
by Bur June 09, 2006
a completely foolish and studip act. Comming up with an extremely stupid idea in a serious situation.
urprising others with a bongi during the serious situation
by Zuhair Anwar March 10, 2008
A lazy friend who contradicts you and drinks your soda.
That bongi won't get out of my house!
by Joe Monzo June 10, 2006
(n.) The human buttocks; a Bahamian slang word
Hey 'mon! You've got a nice bongi!
by Christopher D. March 06, 2007
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