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a person who uses what is called a "bong"
That bonger used up my weed!
by lyka April 18, 2003
greatest last name granted to a person. Usually resides in a man cave, playing madden. Very fun name to say. Ladies flock to anybody with this last name.
-What are you doing tonight?
-Hanging out with bongers bro! Gonna play some madden in the man cave.
by Juggans August 30, 2010
An adjective used to describe a person who smokes large amounts of marijuana.
He is such a pot head, he is completely bongers.
by mal_tez92 October 15, 2009
a doper jagoff who is extremely liberal and loves chicks in lingerie and a penchant for assless chaps and midgets
"This Bonger crashed the party, he was pretty fukkin kewl"
by kenny f December 01, 2003
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