Noun - what one has taken when they smoke a dose of marijuana from a bong. See bong hit.
Tran took a bong rip before the job interview in order to calm his nerves.
by oolong August 17, 2006
Top Definition
A noun that refers to the action of smoking from a bong. So named for the sound that air makes when it bubbles through the bong water.
Dude, don't take bong rips while I'm on the phone with my parents; they might hear you.
by Scarab November 22, 2002
1. An excessively gigantic hit taken primarily from a bong.

2.That of a bong hit that continues for an extended amount of minutes.(3)

3. Any hit containing the amount of smoke obtained in three (3) or more decent sized hits (hit- 30 second inhale, the kind queers take)
1. DOOD! That bongrip was the biggest i've ever seen.
2.That bongrip was weak, my grandma has lung cancer and asthma and still takes meaner bongrips then you.
5.The size of hit jesus took back in his day was a bong rip... towers of babylon, totally a bong dood.
by Phooey & Zak June 27, 2007
smoking pot out of a bong
smitty is ripped he took like ten bong rips.
by smitty September 17, 2003
An extremely knowledgeable Marijuana activist who is determined to peacefully legalize its highly beneficial use and not make it a crime to heal from the most beneficial crop on Earth.
Morally Bankrupt Government: "I wish I could be man enough to legalize Marijuana, but I just want to piss off overly responsible citizens like Bong Rip just to spice America up, whatever that means."
by Jeff Schaefer January 30, 2008
A Bong that rips you in to pieces
Fuck man, you packed that up to shithouse, im so bong riped
by Risky July 18, 2003

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