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When you can't get hard because you are so high. Analogous to whiskey dick, but through the use of marijuana.
"Dude that chick was blowing me last night, but too bad I had bong dong."
"Man, that sucks. She was hot too."
by 24Ebok8 May 09, 2009
Verb; To take a hit from a bong, and immediately suck a dong.
'Dude, she totally bongdonged me'
'What's bongdong?'
'You know when a chick takes a hit from the bong and blows you off'
'Oh, like what you're mother did to me last night?'
'Dude... why do you have to ruin it everytime?'
by Dee$ February 05, 2009
When you can't get a boner because you're so fucking high.
Sweetie, it's okay! It happens to every guy.

No, I'm telling you, it's just bong dong!
by GayBlaine October 09, 2014
An impliment used by druggies while having sex. Specifically a dildo that can be used as a bong simultaneously.
"I wanted to take a hit while I was getting laid last night, so instead of just using a dildo, I fired up the Bong-Dong."
by OysterCultist January 03, 2010
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